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The DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope platform from Rigol offers engineers a professional oscilloscope at an unprecedented price with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities. The DS1054Z Series 4 channel oscilloscope comes with a large 7 inch display and Rigol’s UltraVision technology.

Add the optional analysis, decoding, deep memory, or other configured options to further enhance your 4 channel scope at an exceptional price.




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Model DS1054Z DS1074Z
DS1074Z Plus
DS1074Z-S Plus
DS1104Z Plus
DS1104Z-S Plus
Bandwidth 50MHz 70MHz 100MHz
Channels 4
Maximum Sample Rate 1GSa/s (1 channel active)
500MSa/s (2 channels active)
250MSa/s (3 or 4 channels active)
Maximum Memory Depth 12Mpts standard
24Mpts optional – See licence MEM-DS1000Z
Maximum Waveform Capture Rate 30,000wfms/s
Time-Base Accuracy ≤±25ppm
Time-Base Drift ≤±5ppm/year
Time-Base Scale 5ns/div to 50s/div
Input Impedance 1MΩ ± 2% // 13pF ± 3pF
Vertical Scale 1mV/div to 10V/div
DC Gain Accuracy ±2% Full Scale (Channel 1)
±3% Full Scale (Channels 2, 3 & 4)
Bandwidth Limit 20MHz
Real Time Waveform Record &
Replay Function (Optional)
Up to 60,000 Frames
See licence REC-DS1000Z
Standard Trigger Functions Edge, Pulse Width, Slope, Video, Pattern, Duration
Optional Trigger Functions RS232, I2C, SPI, Runt, Windows, Nth Edge, Delay, Time Out, Setup/Hold
See licence AT-DS1000Z
Standard Bus Decoding Parallel Bus
Optional Bus Decoding RS232, I2C, SPI
See licence SA-DS1000Z – Includes RS232, I2C & SPI Trigger Functions
Math Functions A+B, A-B, AxB, A/B, FFT, AND, OR, NOT, XOR, Intg, Diff, Sqrt, Lg, Ln, Exp, Abs
Auto Measurements Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Single Period Vavg, Vrms, Single Period Vrms,
Overshoot, Preshoot, Area, Period Area, Freq, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Width, -Width, Duty, -Duty,
Delay A→B Rising Edge, Delay A→B Falling Edge, Phase A→B Rising Edge, Phase A→B Falling Edge
Connectivity USB Host & Device, LAN(LXI), Aux Output (TrigOut, PassFail)
USB-GPIB Optional
Display 7″ WVGA (800×480) TFT LCD
64 Intensity Grading Levels
Size (W x H x D) 313.1mm x 160.8mm x 122.4mm
Weight 3.2kg ± 0.2kg (without package)
Standard Probes PVP2150 150MHz BW Passive Probe: 4 sets
Built-In 2 Channel Waveform Generator Not Available ‘-S’ Models Only
2 Channels
200MSa/s Sample Rate
14bits Vertical Resolution
25MHz Maximum Output Frequency
20mVpp – 5Vpp Amplitude Range (High Z)
16kpts Waveform Length
Standard Waveforms – Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, DC
Arbitrary Waveforms – Sinc, ExpRise, ExpFall, ECG, Gauss, Lorentz, Haversine, User Defined
Modulation – AM & FM
MSO Ready Not Available  

‘Plus’ Models Only

‘Plus’ models can be upgraded to add 16 digital channels to your Rigol DS1000Z Plus oscilloscope simply by purchasing the Rigol MSO1000Z Upgrade Kit.

Please note…
The number of available analogue channels is reduced by 1 for every block of 8 digital channels in use. For example, if 9 to 16 digital channels are in use, the number of available analogue channels is 2.